Tips for getting back on track after the holidays!!

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The time between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years can be a very “interesting” time of year if you have fitness goals. I used to dread the holidays, because I knew I’d be “off my plan” and it would throw me “off my routine.”  It took me YEARS to realize the holidays only come one per year and instead of worrying about trying to break any fitness records during this time of year, I started to focus on the things I could control when it came to all the celebrating and gatherings.

Here’s some of my tips for getting back on track after that holiday;

1) In between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, get back to your normal routine. Look at those Holi-DAYS as special “days” to enjoy rather than “weeks.”  After all, it’s not called Holi-WEEKS!!!  Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to totally fall off the wagon only to have to start all over in the New Year.

2) If you have not so healthy leftovers (cookies, mashed potatoes, grandmas pie), get them out of your house! If you can’t fathom throwing good food away, give them away to your neighbor or send your guest home with them after the event. It’s too tempting to get back to your regular routine with extra goodies around.

3) Water, Water and more Water!!! Water helps flush everything through your body and helps reduce that excess “bloat” feeling. Your probably feeling bloated because your body is retaining water from not having enough water and the extra treats or alcohol. The more water you drink, the more it will flush out of your body. Sounds counterproductive but it works!

4) Get out and Exercise!! This doesn’t mean you need to plan the perfect killer workout, just do something. Take the dog for a walk, meet a friend at the gym. Plan to take a class. Moving your body throughout the holiday season will help you feel better about those few indulgences. If your an advanced exerciser, add in an extra cardio session or two.

5) Set a goal to keep you motivated. Choose something you either need to sign up for or something with a end date.  Signing up for a run, a fitness competition or some type of challenge. Even book that warm vacation where you know you’re going to have to put on that swimsuit! Having a goal is a great motivator to get your butt back in gear.

6) Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up or get down on yourself because you weren’t “perfect”. The holidays only come along once a year and it’s important to focus on spending time with family and friends, not getting down on ourselves for a few off meals and treats. Own your indulgences and move on. Make the next meal a healthy one. In a few weeks from now, you’re not even going to remember those overindulgence’s.  Remember, it’s what you do on a consistent basis that counts!

I’d love to hear how you get yourself back on track or if you need help doing so, let me know! I’d love to help!

Happy New Year!



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