My #1 Tip when going out to dinner!

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I used to find eating healthy at a restaurant really challenging. I would always complain there were no healthy food choices at restaurants. I would usually arrive hungry, because that’s what you do at a restaurant, right? Then I would pick an item on the menu which sounded yummy & filling, regardless of how healthy/clean it was. The hungrier I was, the more I would choose something heavy in carbs (hello burger and fries!) One of the best things I started doing was having a snack BEFORE I would go out to dinner. Not a large meal to spoil my dinner but a smaller snack, such as a protein shake or a rice cake and peanut butter. This helped me from being totally starved and famished when I got to the restaurant. My husband used to say “why are you eating?! We’re going to a restaurant.” Well, usually when you go to a restaurant, it’s AT LEAST an hour before you actually get your food. If you don’t believe me, time it for yourself. Depending on where you are going to eat and who you go with, it might take some time to get to there, park the car, meet your friends, have a visit and sit down, order a beverage and then decide what to eat. Phew! By the time your food actually arrives, you are even hungrier! I found having a snack 1-2 hours before we head to the restaurant keeps me from making a poor choice because a “salad with chicken” just doesn’t sound like enough food. Now, I can make a good, healthy choice without letting hunger dictate what I’m going to order.

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rice noodles with chicken cherry tomato, carrot, red pepper,green beans, parsley and sesame seeds

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Lori Faren

Lori Faren

Lori Faren is a health and fitness figure and media personality. Lori enjoys sharing her healthy meal ideas and fitness tips!