The Healthy Happy Hour

Hi Friends! I’m your “Fit Fluencer host” Lori Faren. Each week on “The Healthy Happy Hour” show, I will bring you flavor, fit and fun to your life through actionable tips and impactful conversations with fitness professionals and people just like you. This is a show is for anyone who wants to be inspired to live a more balanced, healthier lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve found some success when it comes to weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle, but struggle to maintain these healthy habits. Maybe you find yourself saying “I messed up, I’ll just start on Monday.” Have you lived that yo-yo dieting life-losing the weight only to re-gain it and then some? Or maybe you just can’t figure out a plan that works for you. Maybe weight is not your issue and your looking to achieve balance in the area of sleep, stress or just your mental well being.  Each week, I’m going to give you some practical and attainable tips which will help you towards living a well balanced and happy lifestyle. 

The guests on the show will also bring expert opinions on topics in the fields such as nutrition, physical fitness, physical therapy, gut health, weight loss, sleep, stress and mental/spiritual health. 



EP0 Healthy Happy Hour Demo


EP1 Fast Food/Resturant options


EP2 10 Ways to Cut 100 Calories


About Lori Faren

Lori Faren is a successful business owner and holds a BA in Psychology. She is an expert in fitness, nutrition and personal growth with a passion for guiding others in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. She is a certified World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Pro, a Fitness Instructor and a resident health expert on Portland’s KATU Channel 2.