Tips to order a bit “Healthier” in a Restaurant & my Top Fast Food Picks!

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Did you know the average American eats at fast food restaurant 159 times per year! That’s approx 3 times per week. The average burger meal is approx 1200 calories, which adds up to 190,000 calories per year if you are eating a burger meal 3x per week! yikes! In order to burn those calories, you’d need to run for 1700 miles (from Portland to Minneapolis)

For last weeks KATU segment on “Afternoon Live”, I went over some tips on how to order at a restaurant and my top 5 fast food choices, and still maintain your healthy lifestyle. Here are some of my top tips to keep you from feeling that “oh I shouldn’t have” guilt, the next time you go out to a restaurant;

1)Check out menu online ahead of time to get an idea of what options they have

2)Have a snack before you go-this will help you from being “starved” when you go to the restaurant, and prevent you from ordering the first thing that looks good (hello burger or ribs!)

3)Scan the menu and choose;

-anything grilled or baked.

-Stay away from “sautéed” or “fried”

-take note of how the vegetables are cooked-are they steamed or grilled?

-do they have dinner salads? Sometimes these are a great alternative to a dinner (but watch the dressings, cheese and dried fruit!)

4)ask for sauces and dressings on the side.

5)don’t be afraid to make modifications or create a meal

6)consider splitting a meal or when you order, ask for half of the meal to “go”- some restaurants have HUGE portions and its very easy to overeat. This is a great way to make sure you are choosing a smaller portion size and therefore consuming less overall calories.



Lori’s Top 5 “Better Choice” Fast Food Items;

Starbucks Spinach Feta Wrap

-Calories 290

-Protein 19 grams

-Carbs 33 grams

-Fat 10  grams

Wendys Grilled Chicken Wrap & side of apples

Calories 305

Protein 20 grams

Carbs 33 grams

Fat 11 grams

Subway Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich on Whole Wheat (6inch”)

Calories 350

Protein 29 grams

Carbs 45 grams

Fat 6 grams

Taco Bell Fresco Burrito Chicken Supreme

Calories 340

Protein 18 grams

Carbs 48 grams

Fat 8 grams

Chipotle Burrito Bowl (Steak, Brown Rice, Pinto Beans, Fajita Vegetables, Salsa, Lettuce)

Calories 515

Protein 32 grams

Carbs 67 grams

Fat 13 grams