Nutrition is the subject I’m most passionate about when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Why? Because 80% of how you look is down to what your putting into your body. It took me many years to grasp this and it wasn’t until I actually tried it for myself that things really started to change for me and my goals finally came within reach.

There’s so much information out there about different countless diets, from gluten free or dairy free, to sugar free and so much more. Often, this amount of choice can be overwhelming and prevent you from taking those essential first steps. I used to make healthy eating incredibly overcomplicated for myself, simply because I didn’t know any other way. However, once I had a nutritional plan and realized it all came down to eating clean foods and portion control, I finally stopped obsessing over different fad diets. After all, what was that going to accomplish? When each diet was over, I would just undo all my hard work by going back to my old habits. You have to ask yourself, are those diets really something you could keep up forever? Could you really live the rest of your life without sugar or carbs? The truth is, its not about never doing something, but instead keeping things in moderation. Everything starts with being aware of your choices, and being honest with yourself. It’s ok to mess up sometimes – after all, nobody’s perfect!

If your tired of trying to figure out which approach to take on your own, and your done worrying about calories or a number on the scale, let me help you make things simple! Go to my “Contact” page to fill out my Client Intake Form. I’m excited to help you find out how achieving the body and life you’ve always dreamed of can actually be fairly simple with a few small steps!

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