New Year! New Goals!

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Tips for staying on track with your fitness goals in the New Year!

You have set those fitness New Year’s resolutions and are ready to go! Congratulations!! Once February comes along, we tend to let those old habits creep back in our lives and our once sought after goal becomes a thing of the past. So how do we stay on track with those fitness goals we set for ourselves and keep the January momentum going?  Here’s a few tips to help keep you motivated throughout the year:

1) Think about your “why.” Why did you start a new fitness goal? Why do you want to lose that weight? Why do you want to get stronger? Why do you want to feel better? Usually there’s an underlying reason for setting a fitness goal.  It could be wanting to prove to yourself that you can stick to a plan this time or showing your family you want to be healthy for yourself and for them. Whatever that reason is, really think about YOUR why behind your reason doing it.  Once you have discovered your “why,” write it down. Every time you start to stray away from that goal, go back to your why.

2) Choosing something you either need to sign up for or something with and end date is a great way to stay motivated.  Signing up for a run, a physical challenge, even booking a warm vacation where you going to have to put on that swimsuit! Having a goal with an end date is a great motivator to get you back in gear!

3) We cannot be 100% full throttle all the time. We have to set realistic, attainable goals for ourselves so we can focus on them during our “in season” time and back off a bit in our “off season time”. Only having the “all or nothing” mindset sets us up failure because the minute we may fail, we tend to throw in the towel.

4)When you feel like quitting, ask yourself where you want to be in 3 months? How about 6 months? Start thinking in the future to where you want to end up. Visualize this and know that if you give up now, you’re not getting closer to these goals.

4) Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up or get down on yourself because you weren’t “perfect” for the first month of your new goal. Life happens!  Own that Friday night party you indulged at and move on.  Make the next meal or next choice a healthy one.  Maybe you missed that workout you wanted to get in. That’s ok!!  It’s when those overindulges and missed workouts become more common than not, when we have to rein ourselves in. If this is you, read on…

5)Hire someone to keep you motivated or accountable. A coach, trainer or a friend are great ways to keep yourself on your goal path when you feel yourself falling off. Hiring a coach was one of the best things I ever did. It took all the guess work out of what I “should be” doing to get towards my goals.   Having a plan in place and some accountability is a great way to make sure you meet those goals.

I’d love to hear how you get yourself back on track or if you need help doing so, let me know! I’d love to help!

Happy New Year!






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Lori Faren

Lori Faren

Lori Faren is a health and fitness figure and media personality. Lori enjoys sharing her healthy meal ideas and fitness tips!