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I just got back from my first Strong Camp on May 21 & May 22nd, 2016 in San Diego and wanted to share my experience. For the past few years, I had been wanting to attend a Strong camp, however I just couldn’t commit to a date or the timing just never worked out. I live in Portland, Oregon and decided two days prior to camp that I was going to attend the one in San Diego. I had a free weekend and the special guest was Lori Harder, whom I’ve always been inspired by. I was looking forward to the workouts and knew some of the pictures were going to be posted in the magazine, so I thought as an aspiring fitness model and fitness junkie, it would be a great way to get myself out there.


Because I didn’t want to attend camp alone, I invited several friends and family members, and almost anyone off the street however, on such short notice, no one was able to attend with me, so I ended up flying from Portland to San Diego alone. The night prior to camp when I arrived in San Diego, I kept thinking why am I doing this? What am I doing going alone? , and started to talk myself out of going the next day. I was scared to attend camp with the fear that everyone was going to have friends with them. Since I was all the way in San Diego and didn’t have a flight home until Monday, I better just make the best of it. I really didn’t realize that going to camp alone really didn’t matter because as soon as I got there, I was welcomed by several other camp attendees and noticed most of them were alone too. I was anticipating some hard core fitness women, however, the women were from all various types of backgrounds. Some of them were training for fitness competitions and some women I don’t think had ever stepped foot in a gym before. I had a feeling the workouts at camp were going to be great, however, what I didn’t realize was the invaluable connections, self-development and empowerment I would walk away with. Throughout the weekend, there were many inspiration stories that were shared. There were moments of tears, triumph and empowerment. Some of these women (including myself) shared stories and feelings they never have told anyone before. In this setting, I felt safe, supported and not judged at all.


Going into the Strong camp weekend, I had been feeling somewhat “stuck” in some things I’ve been struggling with. At the end of camp, I felt not only physically strong, but more mentally strong, motivated, and a lot more clear than I’ve been in a long time. I had several “break through” moments of my own and one thing I realized was although I considered myself physically fit, I was far from “mentally fit”. I believe Strong Camp provides women with a forum not only come together and get some great workouts, but to bond, re-charge and feel good from the inside out. I know myself and others walked away from Camp with new friends and a support system. I am super thankful to Paul Buceta and the staff at Strong Fitness Magazine for realizing the need in this industry for a camp such as this.



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