Easy Breakfast Ideas!

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Why is eating breakfast so important?

Lately I’ve been looking over some people’s food journals to help them identify areas in which they could make some small changes to achieve their goals. There are a few commonalties which come up, but the one thing I notice is how many people do not eat breakfast. Why? Its usually one of three reasons;

1)I’m too busy

2)I’m not hungry in the mornings

3)I don’t know what to eat/make in the mornings

I used to stand in front of the fridge every day and say “what am I going to have for breakfast?” I decided I needed to SIMPLIFY things and pick a few “approved” things I could eat for breakfast so I’m not wasting my time thinking about what to eat.

So, why is eating breakfast so important? I’m sure there’s more “scientific” reasons BUT these are the reasons that I can relate to and it may help you understand why important to your fitness goals:

1)Breakfast =“breaking the fast” Your body is in a fasting state when you sleep and for weight loss or building muscle, its important to “break the fast” and provide some food so you can have energy for the day.

2)Eating breakfast helps your blood sugars stabilize, and therefore you are way less temped to CRAVE crappy foods when you do actually get hungry because you skipped breakfast. How many times have you been at work in the morning and there is a bunch of donuts on the counter someone brought in, and you think “oh, I haven’t had breakfast, I’m STARVED and those look amazing!”

3)Having breakfast will stop you from being HANGRY in a few hours and getting upset at people. Some people don’t realize that food directly affects your mood. For the sake of others, eat breakfast!!

Now that we’ve identified why breakfast is so important, you need to think about what’s stopping you from doing it—time? Not knowing what to eat? Ok, then the next step is to think of a few quick options you can grab and eat on your way out the door. Heres some quick options you could use for a quick breakfast;

Meal Replacement or a Protein shake-All you need is a blender, magic bullet or shaker bottle. Easy! Let me know if you need help deciding which would be a good option for you!

PRE-MAKE your breakfast the night before. Here’s a video I did on my Facebook live of a few great ideas you can prep in advance (Protein Panckaes and Egg White Poppers)




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Lori Faren

Lori Faren

Lori Faren is a health and fitness figure and media personality. Lori enjoys sharing her healthy meal ideas and fitness tips!