Chicken Fricassee

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IMG_5409Last night my good friend and I made over one of her favorite traditional Puerto Rican meals!   Chicken Fricassee:

Here’s the video on how we did it!



1 1/2 lbs Chicken breast

1 lb. Boneless, skinless chicken thighs

2-3 medium size yams

1/2 yellow onion

1/2 package of carrots ????

Chicken stock

1/2 can organic tomatoe sauce


Cilantro base Recaito

1 packet sazón Goya con culantro y achiote

Salt and pepper

Oregano ????


Spanish Paprika

Bay leaves ????


* 1 cup of beer or wine ???? (optional)

1.In a caldero or heavy kettle, heat EVOO, add chicken pieces, mix and cook for 2-3 minutes stirring occasionally to ensure no burning occurs.


  1. Reduce Heat to Medium, add the rest of the ingredients. Add enough liquids to cover the chicken and yams. Bring rapidly to boil, stirring occasionally and then reduce to medium again, cover and boil for approximately 45 minutes.


  1. Check in a couple of time, stir to ensure the chicken is cooking appropriately. Don’t worry if you lose any liquid as ultimately you’ll want to stock to be a little thicker. Taste throughout and adjust seasonings as preferred. You can add spice to give it a kick.


  1. Serve over brown rice or as is and Enjoy!



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