Chair workout-for older adults and mobility issues

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I’ve been working with a client lately who has some mobility issues. Although his goal is to loose some weight, he struggles from knee issues and has an issue standing for long periods of time.  This is a great impact-free workout I have come up with for those who want to get some movement in, but may have similar issues standing for long periods of time.  I shared this workout in KATU’s Afternoon Live last week.

Here is the full segment; Katu Chair Exercises

-30 seconds cardio, 30 seconds strength move

-Hand weights/cans/water bottles

Warm up:

1)arm circles each direction

2)shoulder rolls

3)leg extensions with arm reach.

4)core crunches

*in between each exercise add in Cardio (marching/jumping jacks/fast feet in place)

Seated Workout;

1)30 seconds of marching. (Cardio)

2)30 seconds hands on knees push ups (chest)

3)30 seconds seated jumping jacks. (Cardio)

4)30 seconds opposite shoulder press & leg lift (shoulders & legs)

5)30 seconds fast feet (Cardio)

6)30 seconds bent over row (back)

7)30 seconds fast feet running in place (Cardio)

8)30 seconds alternating oblique (abs)twists with knee up

9)30 seconds marching (Cardio)

10)30 seconds bent over row to triceps kickbacks


Repeat 2-3 times.




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Lori Faren

Lori Faren

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