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Meal Replacement Shakes vs Protein Shakes?

    Of course you already know I’m a big fan of meal prepping as a way to achieve your health and fitness goals, however, there are times when you don’t have any food prepared or you just don’t feel like it!! (I’ve been there!) I personally include meal replacment shakes in my diet for those…

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New Year! New Goals!

Tips for staying on track with your fitness goals in the New Year! You have set those fitness New Year’s resolutions and are ready to go! Congratulations!! Once February comes along, we tend to let those old habits creep back in our lives and our once sought after goal becomes a thing of the past.…

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Fitness Competition Prep!

Diet and Training for a Competition (from my interview with Model Observer) The foods I eat in the off season are very similar to the foods I eat when in competition prep. I maintain a diet of 80% clean foods and leave room for treats during my off season. Some of my off season treats are red wine;…

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My #1 Tip when going out to dinner!

I used to find eating healthy at a restaurant really challenging. I would always complain there were no healthy food choices at restaurants. I would usually arrive hungry, because that’s what you do at a restaurant, right? Then I would pick an item on the menu which sounded yummy & filling, regardless of how healthy/clean it…

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