5 Healthy Habits-Fact or Fiction?

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This was a fun segment I did for Portland Oregon’s KATU Channel 2 not too long ago. I asked the Afternoon Live Host, Kara Mack if she could guess if each statement was fact or fiction.  (I posted the link to the segment at the bottom)


1) Night time eating makes you gain weight.


There really is no real scientific evidence which supports this statement. It’s more important to focus on how MUCH & WHAT kind of food you’re eating, rather than your nutritional timing.

2) Skipping meals will help me lose weight.


Skipping meals leads to lower blood sugars, causing a crash and you to be hungrier and therefore making poor choices at the next meal.

A good format to follow is 3x smaller meals per days with 1-2 snacks. Even though this seems like a lot of food, choosing smaller meals will help keep your blood sugars stable, leading to making better choices and eating less food at each meal.

3) Carbs lead to weight gain.


Not all carbs are bad. Diets with low or a no carb intake are only a short term solution. Studies show after people are on these types of diets, they generally gain all the weight (if not more) back.

Your body needs carbs to function, as it does protein and fats. Reducing and or cutting them out will only cause lack of energy, brain fog and other harmful long term effects. It the CHOICE of carbs you need to focus on. (Whole grained, less processed)

4) Eating fat can help you lose weight.


Eating the PROPER kinds of fat (avocado, nuts, salmon) contain mono saturated fats which are heart healthy fats, keeping you fuller longer, and keeping your blood sugars more stable.

5) If you exercise, you can eat as much as you want.


Unless you are working out like a professional athlete or Olympian, you will still need to watch your food intake. For example, eating 2 cookies is about 400 calories, which equals about 4 miles of running!

Fact Vs Fiction-KATU Segment

When looking into a new diet and if nutritional plan, here are 3 things to keep in mind;

1) There is no secret to weight loss.

2) Who says so? Look at source/resource

3) If it’s too good to be true, it usually is!




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