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About Lori Faren


Passion For Healthy Lifestyle

I enjoy living a balanced, healthy lifestyle, while feeling good and enjoying myself.  Moderation is key to success! I’ve learned the importance of sticking to a balanced lifestyle, rather than being  “on” or “off.”  I can help you come up with a simple plan for a healthy lifestyle that works for you, while not depriving yourself of the things you love.

Nutritional Education

Not sure about the right nutritional program for weight loss? How about the best foods for gaining muscle? Confused about when to eat, and how much?  Rather than putting countless hours into the gym and not seeing any results, I aspire to help you get educated on the proper nutritional choices for your goals, while keeping you accountable.

Fitness Enthusiast

My passion is about living a fit, healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same. I’m a WBFF Pro fitness model and have appeared in several fitness magazines including, Oxygen Fitness, Natural Muscle and Strong Magazine. I’m excited to share my experiences and help you to crank up your fitness!

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