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Thanks for visiting my site! I was just like you at first, and didn’t know where to start, but hopefully, by using my example as inspiration, you’ll see that anyone can do it.

At just ten years old, I was already health conscious. Many family members were overweight, and I was well on the way to joining them. Like many young girls in our society, I started to worry about my weight. I began reframing from eating bowls of cereal after school to watching what I ate. I also started working out to my mothers VHS exercise tapes and even asked for an exercise bike for Christmas. As soon as I got my licence, I joined the gym because I was never one for team sports. I was very lucky to grow up in a health conscious household, as my mother was into health and fitness and always cooked healthy meals at dinner. My mother’s home made “zucchini cookies” were one “treat” I remember particularly well.

In my teenage years, my health and fitness took a turn downhill. As peer pressure set in, I started to turn to binge-eating and dieting, as I desperately sought the figure that I thought I had to have. I would refrain from eating hardly anything during the week, and would list all the foods that I was craving, before binging on them at the weekends. I just didn’t have a clue how to safely lose or maintain weight. The solution? A lot of determination, research, and self-education. It was only thanks to all the exercise that I was doing that my weight stayed down. As soon as I started college, and my exercise regime fell by the wayside, that all those late night pizzas and heavy nights at the bar started to catch up with me.

My life reached a turning point in my early twenties, when I came across a copy of Oxygen Fitness magazine in the gym (in the days before the internet!). The models inside were stunning, and motivated me to do whatever it was they did to stay looking great. From then on, I educated myself as much as possible on exercise tips, nutrition concepts, and, most importantly of all, how to fit it all into my regular lifestyle. It was then that I learned the importance of proper nutrition in order to maintain your weight.

I knew someday I wanted to follow my idols and compete in a fitness competition. It took many years however, until I was ready for the strict diet regime that comes with competing.  It wasn’t until my late thirties that I became tired of working out and not seeing any results.  I remember thinking, “I want to look like I go to the gym.” It wasn’t enough to just stay slim- I wanted the muscle definition and lean physique that I could be proud of. It was time to really buckle down, and take things to the next level.

I entered my first competition at thirty-seven, and, to my surprise and delight, placed first in my age category and second in my height category. This shock motivated me to work even harder, as my dreams were finally within reach. I earned my Pro Card with the WBFF at my third show, and I went on to compete as a WBFF Pro twice. I competed in a total of five shows before it occurred to me that I had achieved far more than I had set out to achieve. For the first time in my fitness journey, I let myself relax, and eased up on all the restrictions that come with the competition lifestyle. Instead, I switched my focus to living a more balanced lifestyle, while remaining fit and having fun.

In the latest chapter of my life, I’m dedicated to sharing and guiding others on what I’ve learned about nutrition, health, fitness, and personal growth. I find it so fulfilling to encourage and guide others to set and reach fitness and nutrition goals of their own.

I currently live in Lake Oswego, Oregon with my husband, twin step daughters, “Lucky” our Boston Terrier, our cat “Barbie” and our baby Chihuahua, “Nacho.”


Key Components to your Fitness Lifestyle:


When you decide to make a change, its important to look at your priorities and and take one step at a time. When your health and fitness become a priority, it may surprise you how much implementing just a few small steps can have such a big impact in your life, health and overall happiness.


Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or want to take your fitness to the next level, it all starts with determination.  Once the choice is made to make a change and to move forward, I believe everyone has the capacity to achieve their goals and become their best self with some determination, guidance and desire.


With all the information available on diet and exercise, it can be paralyzing to even know where to start.  Once you have a plan and are consistent in taking small steps everyday towards your goals, it will soon become habit. Every day, just implementing one healthy food choice or making time to exercise will get you closer to your fitness goals.


I’m passionate about teaching you the fitness model secrets I’ve learned to help you achieve your fitness goals and turn it into a manageable lifestyle. I aspire to help, support and provide guidance to as many people as I can to live a healthy, fit life.
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